Pablo Noguera

Pablo Noguera Borel is an artist. Trained in Fine Arts (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) and Law (Universidad de Valencia). He has had an extensive artistic career, as well as in companies and other organisations.
As regards his artistic work, he had exhibited in various Spanish and European galleries, both individually and collectively, as well as in fairs, foundations and benefits. His work has received prizes in Spain, Egypt and Germany, as well as in the United Nations in Geneva.

He is a curator of the Museo L’Iber, with which he has collaborated in the sets, graphics and lay out iof various exhibitions. He has designed the corporate images and logos for various companies and organizations, including Libertas 7 and Fundación Libertas 7. He has collaborated with other professionals in the areas of interior decorating and product design.

As far as his experience in companies and organisations is concerned, he has sat on various Boards, and is currently a member of the Board, and of the appointments and renumerations commission of Libertas 7, S.A. He has coordinated projects of cooperation and institutional relations for the World Scout Movement, been an international commissar of MSC, a trainer in youth policy for the European Council, and a representative of the European Youth Forum, as well as being on the Board of the Youth Councils of Spain and of Valencia. He also has experience as an investment analyst in Libertas 7 in the wine and luxury goods sectors.

He is a Board member of the Fundación Libertas 7, as well as its Secretary. He is an active collaborator of the association Más Sociedad Civil.

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