Jorge Pérez

Director of Amaltheia. Director of Investments Libertas 7.

Jorge joined Libertas 7 in 2004, coming from one of the main international consultancy firms.  Following his time as senior analyst at Libertas 7, he took over as Director of investments 2010. He leads a team of analysis and management of the financial assets of Grupo Libertas 7.

With a background in economics and finance, Jorge specialised in finances, markets and the Stock Exchange at MBA Money, Banking&Finance at Middlesex University in London, having finished his degree in Business Studies at the University of Valencia and Management of European Companies at Middlesex.

He is a member of the Executive of Libertas 7, reporting directly to the Board.

His was the idea to launch Amaltheia in development of the strategic plan of Libertas 7, an embryo of a future investment tool of private capital.

Throughout his career, he has acquired ample experience in the analysis and management of investments, both in private capital and in the Stock Exchange. His experience in the food and beverages sector includes all the projects in which Libertas 7 has invested in recent years, including the fish farming, wine, chocolate and packaging/bottling sectors, among others. He has been a representative of the company on the Boards of various companies in which Libertas 7 holds shares.