The Company

Amaltheia is an agri- business- focused investment company, whose objective is to invest as a significant minority shareholder in Spanish small and mid-sized companies requiring financial  and strategic investment.

Amaltheia belongs to Grupo Libertas 7, a family owned company founded in 1946, which trades on the Stock Exchange. The company manages some 150 million euros in assets.

The long trajectory of Libertas 7 as an investment group has provided our team with the relevant experience in the identification, selection, analysis, evaluation, execution and monitoring and management of its investments.

Throughout its history, Libertas 7 has undertaken investments in companies in various sectors both on and off the Stock Exchange, with an investment philosophy based in many cases on the acquiring of significant minority shares. Noteworthy are investments in sectors such as wine, fish farming, chocolate, glassware, and meat casing industry among others.