Amaltheia is a Project founded in the Valencia Community, led by a group of entrepreneurs and experienced professional investors whose objective is to invest in other companies through minority or majority stakes

Its aim is to create a portfolio of investments in the agri- business sector, collaborating in their growth and activity.

It is an alternative source of financing for business projects, created to satisfy structural requirements.

Amaltheia builds a long- term strategic partnership based on an industrial approach.


In Greek mythology, Amaltheia was the nymph who nursed Zeus, weaning him on goats’ milk and honey in the mountains of Crete.

One day a goat broke one of its horns, which Amaltheia then filled with flowers and fruit before taking it to Zeus. From then on the horn was called cornucopia.

Zeus gave it to Amaltheia, promising that it would provide all that she desired in abundance. According to classical mythology, it is a symbol of neverending wealth and plenty.